Alpine Luxury Transportation

East Vail , CO


Alpine Luxury Transportation
East Vail, CO Full-time
Posted on December 27, 2018


Professional Driver needed for well established Car Service. Full Time , on call. Local Knowledge Winter Big $$$ 26 years+ in operation!

Duties and Responsibilities of a Chauffeur:

  • Chauffeurs have to drive cars and get the clients to their desired location on time
  • They have to be expert drivers and should be able to handle high end cars as they are the cars they mostly have to drive
  • High end cars can have some different mechanism which the chauffeurs have to be adept at using, not to mention the large size of the cars which the chauffeurs also have to take into account
  • They should know how to make some simple repairs to the car in case there is any problem
  • They have to do regular checks on the car and remember the servicing dates
  • They have to follow all the traffic rules when they are driving as poor driving can led to termination from the job
  • They have to follow timings at which their services are requested and should also report to their agency after every pick up and drop

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