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Posted on May 3, 2021

Ben Franklin Transit is hiring a Bus Safety Specialist to assist in the development, implementation, and audit of bus system safety programs; conduct bus accident investigations,

hazard management, and building regulatory compliance relating to the Agency’s bus system and facilities to promote and enhance safe operations.

Minimum Qualifications: Associate’s Degree in Business or Safety Management or related

field and three-years of safety experience in public transportation; or an equivalent combination

of education and experience. Most possess a valid drivers license.

Preferred Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Safety Management or related field

and five-years of safety experience in public transportation.

BFT is an EEO Employer


(BFT) provides exceptional and cost-effective transportation services that consistently exceed customer expectations while promoting the principles and practices of livable communities and sustainable development. 

We value customer service, collaboration, diversity, fiscal accountability, innovation, sustainability and safety.  Employees and representatives of BFT are expected to uphold our values and mission.

Assist in the development, implementation, and audit of bus system safety programs; conduct bus accident investigations, hazard management, and building regulatory compliance relating to the Agency’s bus system and facilities to promote and enhance safe operations.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities/KSA

  • Participate in the development and maintenance of bus system safety, security, and
  • emergency management programs.
  • Conduct all vehicle accident investigations; inspect vehicle accident scenes, injuries, and property damage; collect and preserve evidence; prepare investigative reports; make loss mitigation recommendations following established guidelines and protocols.
  • Endorse safety awareness; provide guidance and coaching; demonstrate proactive, frontline leadership to promote a culture of safety through forward thinking hazard management.
  • Identify risk reducing measures to avoid future vehicle accidents or vehicle related injuries; recommend solutions; ensure resolution of issues/concerns.
  • Review bus accidents and incidents videos, statements and witness reports. Log and secure all information in compliance with record retention requirements.
  • Provide professional safety consultations and mentoring to improve and ensure bus operator job and safety performance; develop and present bus operator and maintenance staff training, as needed.
  • Participate in employee safety committees, compliance monitoring, and vehicle hazard report follow-up; conduct monthly Operator/Driver accident and injury reduction committee meetings; monitor compliance with safety procedures.
  • Assist operational, labor relations and risk management staff with preparations for union step grievances, arbitrations etc.; prepare and provide needed videos, evidence, and documentation. Attend hearings, as necessary.
  • Conduct hazard assessments, safety reviews, audits, and inspections of BFT vehicles; perform testing for fire/life safety, safety certification; monitor bus operations at transit sites. 
  • Maintain and coordinate Agency’s (BFT) Defensive Driver Record 
  • Perform duties related to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance for transit vehicle safety; document the annual Bureau of Labor and Statistics survey (year-end); assist with Occupational and Industrial Safety in response to investigations. 
  • Address vehicle safety related issues as related to all facilities. Partner with Facilities Management and Planning personnel for in construction and future planning relevant to safe vehicle access, operations and special related size requirements for buildings, bus stops and transit centers. Review blueprints and plans; attend construction meeting; assess vehicle operation and navigation issues in and around construction zones.
  • Research and develop written policies and procedures to implement provisions of WISHA/DOSH/OSHA and other regulations related to bus operational safety and driver occupational health; partner with HR/Labor and Communications to develop and maintain relevant safety policies and procedures manuals.
  • Monitor health and safety legislative and regulatory changes; evaluate implications for the Agency’s bus-related policies, programs, and operations; recommend changes to ensure compliance. 
  • Review Driver and Operator e assessments and evaluations; maintain bus safety program training evaluations and records.
  • Administer and/or assist in the Agency’s claims management process; receive, monitor, and resolve claims or potential claims against the Agency, including citizen claims for damages and employee claims for on-the-job injuries related to vehicle operations and vehicle-related injuries.
  • Ensure compliance with Department of Licensing, Department of Transportation State and Federal laws. Partner with Human Resources to ensure driver credentials are current and properly documentation is on file. 
  • May be contacted to perform work outside of regular business hours.
  • Work with and maintain confidential information.
  • Demonstrate regular and punctual attendance.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA), OSHA, Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP), and Washington State Transit Association (WSTA) rules and requirements.
  • Understand and apply Federal, State, and local laws, rules, codes, and regulations related to assigned activities, including occupational health and safety programs.
  • Principles and practices of comprehensive transit system safety programs including safety training, environmental health and safety, accident investigation and hazardous waste.
  • Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods, tools, and techniques.
  • Experience in preparing and managing training, safety, security and emergency preparedness programs.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with a diverse group of employees and internal customers. 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to proactively identify and support creative and viable solutions. 
  • Experience with accident investigation processes, methods, and techniques; hazard analysis procedures.
  • Write clear, concise reports and documentation.
  • React quickly and calmly in emergency situations and adopt an effective course of action within established guidelines.
  • Utilize specialized software, digital records and video libraries, related to the functional area.
  • Use history and databases to identify safety hazards prior to an occurrence.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted during work.


  • Learn new technologies, policies, procedures and guidelines established by professional organizations and/or governing agencies.
  • Utilize office equipment and other relevant technology (software and systems) to meet business needs.
  • Understand, follow, and communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Work as a team member and independently; effectively apply organizational and time management skills; meet deadlines and comply with Agency policies.
  • Exercise sound judgment in making decisions.
  • Focus on tasks and recall details; handle frequent interruptions.



Associate degree in Business/Management, Safety Management, or related field and three-years of safety experience in public transportation; or an equivalent combination of experience, training, and education. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Must obtain and maintain the following licenses and certifications for continued employment at BFT:

  • First Aid and CPR certification; or ability to obtain within 180-days of employment.
  • OSHA (10 or 30) Certification or obtain one within 180-days of hire.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Management, Safety Management, or related field and five-years of safety experience in public transportation.



  • Collaboration:  Shares time and knowledge with others; adjusts priorities as circumstances dictate; follows through on commitments, accepts responsibility for actions, resolves interpersonal conflicts constructively.  
  • Diversity: Demonstrates an awareness and respect of cultural and individual values.  Treats all people with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • Fiscal Accountability: Actively contributes to the productivity of the agency; demonstrates good stewardship of company time and resources; displays high standards of ethical conduct.
  • Customer Service:  Anticipates the needs of internal and external customers; delivers quality work products and services within expected timeframes. Considers and responds appropriately to people in various situations.
  • Innovation: Considers new approaches to situations; encourages ideas and improvements.
  • Sustainability: Actively encourages environmental benefits and the conservation of natural resources.
  • Safety: Adheres to safety related laws, regulations, standards, and practices; performs work in a safe manner; encourages and supports others to be safe while at work.