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Burial Vault Delivery & Installer

Childs Vault Co.
Anderson, SC Full time
Posted on March 6, 2018

Childs Vault Co. is seeking a Burial Vault Delivery & Installer position. Key functions of this position include, but are not limited to: 

• Loading and unloading burial vaults and equipment 
• Delivering vault to the cemetery using a company vehicle 
• Setting up the equipment and installing the vault into the the open grave 
• Raising large tents if customer has requested them 
• Preparing the graveside for the funeral service (placing artificial grass / chairs / chair covers) 
• Sealing the vault after the funeral service and lowering it into the grave (In some instances, our drivers may help to place the dirt back into the grave.) 
• Tearing down equipment, reloading the truck and returning to the warehouse 
• Maintaining cleanliness of the truck and equipment 
Some of the good points about the job are: 
• It is very dependable employment of at least 40 hours per week. 
• We provide excellent training. 
• We offer a starting pay of $12.00 per hour. Our drivers are eligible for an additional $0.40 per hour as long as they maintain a clean personal appearance that meets company standards. Once a driver is fully trained, they get an additional $0.40 per hour as long as they maintain the cleanliness of the company vehicle and graveside service equipment to the company standard. After that, we offer a 4% raise every 6 months until drivers reach top pay of $16.70. This amount does not reflect the two hourly bonuses. With the two added bonuses, top pay is $17.50 per hour. 
• We provide uniforms. 
• We offer medical and dental insurance after 60 days of employment. Hairfield Vault Company pays a portion of the premium. 
• We offer 401K participation after a year of employment. 
• Four paid holidays. 
• Paid vacation eligibility after one year of employment. 

As with every job, there are some points about the position that may be less than desirable. 

• This position requires outside work regardless of the weather. 
• This is not a structured job in which the employee works Monday-Friday. Our company does not know until 1-2 days ahead of time how many funeral services we will have scheduled. Due to this unpredictable nature, the drivers are scheduled around the services that the funeral homes call in to us. Therefore, our drivers don't have a set day off or set work hours. We guarantee our drivers one day off a week, but will not always be the same day of the week. We do have our drivers on a rotation so that they get a full weekend off every 5 weeks. Most of the time, though, days off are in the middle of the week. 
• As with the work days, the work hours vary from day to day depending on what time the funeral services are scheduled. Drivers are contacted the afternoon before to let them know what time they need to report to work the next day. 

All potential new hires must be able to pass a hair follicle drug test and have a clear criminal record. Driving record must be clear of insurance points for at least 3 years. Must be able to push / pull / lift up to 75 lbs. No visible tattoos. Hair must be collar length or shorter. Mustache & goatee are acceptable as long as they are neatly trimmed and maintained.