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Bus Drivers

City of Amarillo
Amarillo, TX Full-time
Posted on June 13, 2018

Position Description:

Responsible for providing public transportation to the citizens of Amarillo.
Transports persons within the city limits of Amarillo west of Lakeside. 
Must be capable of working independently in the absence of supervisory personnel. 
This position has no supervisory responsibilities.  

Minimum Requirements:

High School diploma or GED is required. 
Previous experience operating a vehicle in excess of 30' in length is preferred. 
A Class B - Texas Commercial Drivers License is required. Must be able to obtain a P endorsement. 
Must be able to pass a standard Department of Transportation (DOT) physical. 

"The City may consider all related education and/or experience in determining an applicant's minimum qualifications and starting salary."  

Additional Requirements:

- Must follow an established pattern according to a prearranged time schedule. 
- Must understand the basic operational aspects of a large motor vehicle.
- Must be capable of understanding and interpreting the functions of all gauges and switches on the control panel in order to detect mechanical problems. 
- Must maintain contact with dispatchers and other operators via a two-way radio. 
- Responsible for coordinating with other operators and dispatchers the needs of transferring passengers. 
- Must have the ability to make sound decisions under stress and think clearly in emergency situations. 
- Must also be able to effectively deal with personal danger that may include exposure to angry, violent or dangerous persons. 
- Required to respond to persons with a disability requests in a polite manner. 
- Must leave his or her seat in order to operate the wheelchair lift and securement devices. 
- Must be able to work and communicate effectively with a diverse population of persons. 
- Each Operator must be capable of understanding and willing to use each type of wheelchair lift and securement device. 
- Operators must understand the fixed route structure and have the perception needed to make sound observations and decisions. 
- Responsible for completing a daily pre-operational vehicle check. 
- Must maintain a clean vehicle during their shift and store all securement devices after use to prevent loss or breakage. 
- Responsible for driving a vehicle in accordance with all traffic laws. 
- Must drive a vehicle in a manner that will prevent any chargeable accidents, incidents or passengers injuries. 
- Must exhibit a cooperative attitude and promote teamwork with co-workers. 
- Required to wear a uniform and comply with the shoe, hair and beard policy.  

Essential Job Functions:

- Required to drive in all weather conditions. 
- Must be capable of sitting for extended periods of time and operate assigned equipment. 
- Must be able to lift items weighing in excess of 50 pounds. 
- Must pass a Department of Transportation physical and report to work drug and alcohol free. 
- Must also be able to read, write, hear and verbally communicate. 
- Must be able to stand and walk on different types of surfaces and sit in a drivers seat for extended periods of time.  

Work Hours:

Will work 6:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Saturday. Days off during the week will vary. 
Must report to work on time, report all absences in a timely manner and have no unexcused absences.