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Bus Operator - Fixed Route

Dover, NH Full-time
Posted on July 3, 2019

JOB SUMMARY: Provides safe, efficient, and on-time delivery of passengers
through the operation of a public transportation vehicle.

CLASSIFICATION: FLSA Non-Exempt (hourly, eligible for overtime)

WORK SCHEDULE: Can be full or part-time. Operators select work by seniority, and
work a variety of shifts and hours between 4:30 am and 10:30 pm,
Monday through Saturday, with occasional Sunday work. Must be
available for flexible hours and split shifts. Must be available
during a disaster, emergency, and weather events.

REPORTS TO: Fixed Route Supervisors

1. Essential Functions
a) Drives one of several different buses or vans in a safe, courteous, and reliable
manner along a designated route within a defined time schedule.
b) Operate non-revenue vehicles between assigned reporting location and bus
relief location.
c) Notifies dispatch of deviations, overload, collisions, or passenger incidents.
d) Notifies dispatch of passengers' medical or behavioral problems and bus
mechanical or electrical trouble.
e) Follows dispatch direction in resolving incidents, problems, and trouble on the
f) Stops at designated points to load and/or unload passengers.
g) Sees that fares are deposited into the fare box, logs ridership data and dispenses
h) Advises passengers of rules and regulations when necessary.
i) Completes and submits written reports concerning various incidents and
preventable and non-preventable collisions.
j) Operates onboard computer for destination signs.
k) Assists in the boarding and alighting of passengers in wheelchairs and other
mobility devices. Ensures proper securement of the wheelchair.
l) Makes ADA stop announcements and conforms to all other aspects of ADA
m) Complies with all company policies, procedures, and performance expectations
in the performance of duties.
n) Promotes a collaborative, cooperative and respectful workplace and shows care
and concern for their fellow team members.

2. Other Job Functions
a) Stocks bus schedules and other COAST material at designated locations.
b) Other duties as assigned.

3. Safety Duties

In addition to the general job duties, drivers are responsible for exercising maximum
care and good judgment in identifying and reporting suspicious activities, in managing
security incidents, and in responding to emergencies. Each driver will:
a) Maintain control of their assigned vehicle
b) Take charge of a security incident scene until the arrival of supervisory or
emergency personnel
c) Collect fares in accordance with agency policy (if applicable)
d) Attempt to handle minor non-threatening rule violations
e) Respond verbally to complaints
f) Attempt to defuse minor arguments
g) Determine when to call for assistance
h) Report all security incidents to agency dispatch or supervisors
i) Complete all necessary security-related reports
j) Support community emergency response activities as directed by the COAST
policies, procedures, and personnel

1. Knowledge
a) Must possess a High School Diploma or equivalent.
b) Ability to read, write, and speak the English language.
c) Ability to perform basic arithmetic.
d) Must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License with passenger endorsement
and air brake endorsements and meet COAST’s driving record requirements.
e) Must be able to write legibly in the preparation of pre-trip forms, incident
reports, collision reports, etc.
2. Emotional / Psychological Factors
a) Ability to communicate and work effectively with the public.
b) Ability to deal with stressful situations occasionally, and be prepared to handle
them at all times.
c) Ability to make decisions regularly regarding emergency situations, traffic
situations, and customer service situations. Ability to make some decisions
d) Ability to concentrate is a requirement to be able to drive safely, despite
distractions including passenger conversations or questions, two-way radio
conversations, traffic, etc.
e) Ability to concentrate on multiple tasks with frequent interruptions.
3. Physical Requirements
a) Operating a bus or van is an essential function of the job.
b) Must be able to get to the assigned work location on time regardless of the weather.
Many shifts start before and end after public transit runs, necessitating the
operator be able to provide own transportation to work.

 Must have the ability to secure and
maintain a Class B Commercial Driver's License with passenger and air brake
endorsements. Must have the ability to secure and maintain a DOT medical certificate as a
condition of employment.

The above brief description is intended to describe the general content, identify the essential
functions, and set forth the requirements for the performance of this job. It is not to be
construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.