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Posted on April 28, 2021

Responsible for transporting concrete and products as directed by dispatch and management. Will drive a commercial concrete truck and complete assigned duties in a safe, timely, professional and cost effective manner. In addition, this position will be responsible for operating other commercial motor vehicle(s) which may be assigned as needed. These may include but are not limited to, bulker, dump truck, side dump, aggregate truck, semi, low-boy or any vehicle management assigns to Truck Driver.Employee is required to meet the above qualifications, task frequency and PPE requirements. Satisfactory completion of pre-employment reference checks, skill assessment testing, drivers license reports, background checks, negative post-offer drug and alcohol tests, and other requirements as per DOT regulations are conditions of employment.

Essential Job Functions

Ability to drive and operate commercial trucks and equipment safely. E.g. Assemble and disassemble chute; Operate control panels to adjust height of chute; operate control panel to unload concrete, etc. Work under the direction of dispatch and management, to transport and deliver concrete and other products to construction sites and other customer sites. Use console to update job status and progress when delivering products to customer sites. Follow safe procedures. Follow company and industry standards and practices, for safely unloading concrete and other products at customer sites. Ability to climb in and out of trucks, and up and down truck ladders approximately 10 to 12 feet high on a frequent basis each day, in order to complete the tasks involved in delivering concrete and other products.Ability to drive, sit, stand, walk and climb on a frequent basis while working within climatic weather extremes. Follow safe lifting practices to lift up to 50 to 100 lbs on a minimal basis and up to 40 lbs on an occasional basis. E.g. Be mindful of uneven ground; weather conditions; weight of the load; height of the lift; employ team lift if necessary; use good body mechanics, including no twisting and bending; stretch prior to the lift and use slow deliberate maneuvers, etc. On an occasional basis, may have to unload the concrete in a wheelbarrow and push the wheelbarrow to the site for dumping the concrete. May have to handle several loads of concrete using a wheelbarrow.

Complete pre-trip and post trip checks of the concrete transportation truck, in accordance with company guidelines and practices.Responsible for routine cleaning (including inside mixer drum) as well as regularly scheduled housekeeping for equipment, trucks and cleaning at job sites. Maintain a clean trash free truck cabin, by regularly disposing any trash items and wiping down dirt. Ability to work in confined spaces (i.e inside mixer drum).Responsible for the proper use and storage of all company equipment, tools, and supplies. Provide service to customers conforming to quality, safety and professional standards, including a professional standard of conduct in terms of language, reliability and personal hygiene. Assist management by inspecting and verifying all outgoing shipments to ensure quantity, quality, slump, extra products, etc.

Contact management immediately with regards to: Any public or customer inquiries and/or concerns Any safety failures and/or deviances from safety procedures and guidelines Any deviance from scheduling guidelines that may become a potential problem for the company and/or the customer. Ensure that all paperwork is completed accurately and in a timely fashion, including but not limited to time cards, and DOT inspection reports with the ability to utilize this information to schedule required cleaning and maintenance of company vehicles (routine oil, grease and tire checks, etc.) Insuring that Company equipment is in safe working condition. Personally adhere to (be an example), and become proficient in all areas of production and safety (i.e., Defensive driving, vehicle and equipment maintenance and up-keep; technical training, lockout tagout, accident inquiry, hazardous material procedures, emergency exit, PPE, lifting, tool safety, etc.).Attended all safety meetings, production meetings, and company-sponsored training and education events.Be flexible and available to work required overtime and Saturdays as well as an occasional Sunday or holiday. Ability to work well under pressure and meet project schedules. Understand that attendance and on time punctuality are required. Ability to read and interpret documents such as delivery tickets, safety policies, operating and maintenance instructions, procedure manuals, and city maps. As well as, follow written (along with the verbal) instructions, to complete the necessary paperwork. Understand the importance of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Respect the authority of Dispatch and management and perform any other duties as assigned by them.