Glass Blower #2247945

sundance mountain resort
Provo, UT Full-time
Posted on November 17, 2019

Blower of Recycled Glass, 6 temporary, Full Time openings 1/15/20 to 3/31/2020 for Sundance Partners Ltd located at 8841 N. Alpine Loop Rd, Sundance, UT. $14.40 per hour, 40 hours/week, 0-8 hours Overtime, 8 am-4 pm, Wednesday-Sunday. Shape gather (gob of molten glass) into glassware utilizing recycled glass. Blow through pipe to inflate gather while rotating pipe, in mold or onboard to obtain final shape. May dip end of blower into molten glass to collect gather on head of pipe. May pull gather w/ tongs to aid in shaping. May use compressed air to inflate gather. Requires prep, clean up. Requires 12 months experience blowing recycled glass. A sample of work must be provided (photographs or portfolios accepted). Sundance offers carpooling opportunities to provide transportation from UT CO. Actual pay rate may be different from wage listed. Wage offered will meet/exceed highest prevailing wage for position. Overtime is paid at 1.5 times wage offered ($21.60/hour). Single workweek (Sunday Saturday) is standard for computing wages. Payday-every 2 weeks. All paycheck deductions req by law will be made. Sundance will provide/reimburse for relocation including daily subsistence to Utah from current place of residence either in the U.S. or abroad to UT CO if worker completes 50% of period of employment covered by the job order.

Amount for daily subsistence is at least $12.46/day during travel to a maximum of $55/day with receipts. Sundance will book & pay for transportation upfront & reimburse additional expenses with either petty cash if < $100 or check if >$100. If worker pays own transportation, travel expenses are reimbursed in lump sum by check within 10 days from receipt of completed expense report. Return transportation & daily subsistence from Sundance to the place from which the worker, disregarding intervening employment, departed to work for the employer will be paid/reimbursed by Sundance, if the worker completes the certified period of employment or is dismissed from employment for any reason before the end of the period. All visa, visa processing, border crossing, other related fees including those mandated by government incurred by H2b worker is reimbursed in the first workweek. All tools, supplies, equipment required to perform the duties assigned are provided without charge/deposit. Sundance guarantees 3/4 of the 120 day job order at 40 hours/week or 480 hours for the 120 day job order.