School Bus Drivers

Transportation Joint Agreement
Crystal Lake, IL Full-time
Posted on July 31, 2019

School Bus Drivers

The Transportation Joint Agreement (TJA), the shared bus service for Districts 47 and 155, is hiring Bus Drivers. Start at $17.87 per hour!

Qualified candidates must:

  • 21 years or older
  • Valid Driver's License & safe driving record
  • Pass a background screening and drug test

New hires receive paid training. Benefits include IMRF retirement plan and paid holidays. 

Job Summary

The Transportation Joint Agreement (TJA), with Districts 47 & 155, currently have openings for Bus Drivers. The purpose of this position is to operate a vehicle and transport passengers in a safe, efficient, courteous and timely manner in accordance with schedules and instructions determined by TJA management and furnished by dispatch. Represent TJA to the school districts, community and the public in a professional, courteous and serving manner. Work within the TJA Mission Statement and procedure framework as outlined in the Vehicle Operator/Attendant  Employee Handbook and the contract known as the "Agreement" between TJA and the Crystal Lake Transportation Union (CLTU). 

Primary Job Function For Drivers of All Routes:

  • Report on time and begin route or trip when scheduled
  • Conduct a thorough pre-trip vehicle inspection in accordance with the Department of Transportation regulations
  • Note vehicle problems/service requirements that may occur during a route or trip and turn in a pre-trip form before leaving the facility
  • Report vehicle problems/service requirements on appropriate form
  • Operate a vehicle in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and TJA procedures
  • Read and follow procedures contained in the Employee Handbook
  • Meet standards of dress as outlined in the Employee Handbook
  • Responsible for passenger management and timely reporting of incidents, accidents and student conduct reports 
  • Communicate by two-way radio when necessary
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with school personnel, students, parents and the general public
  • Fuel, sweep and clean the vehicle
  • Be prepared mentally and physically to perform safety sensitive functions on a daily basis
  • Maintain and demonstrate a helpful, positive and pleasant attitude toward fellow co-workers, other school district employees and the general public

Responsibility of Special Education Drivers:

  • Operate lift to board and discharge special needs passengers
  • Be physically capable to load/unload passengers
  • Responsible for the proper securing of wheelchairs, harnesses, seatbelts, carseats and booster seats
  • Responsible for the supervision of bus attendant assigned to their route

Substitute Drivers:

  • Be available for all assignments including routes, trips and miscellaneous duties during scheduled time periods
  • Be able to drive all vehicles and routes

Occasional Subs:

  • Be available for routes or trips as needed
  • Be able to drive all types of vehicles

Secondary Job Functions for All Drivers:

  • Other related duties as assigned


  • Acquire and maintain a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with all appropriate endorsements, classifications and all other required licenses and permits
  • Comply with federal, state and municipal rules, regulations and procedures relative to the operation of the vehicle
  • Possess the skills to read and interpret schedules, trip tickets and other documents
  • Possess the writing and reading skills necessary to accurately complete schedules, trip tickets and other documents
  • Possess basic mathematics
  • Possess clear and understandable verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate by two-way radio
  • Possess the ability to complete all pertinent driver training sessions including required in-service meetings
  • Posses the ability to work efficiently and patiently under pressure and stressful conditions

Work Conditions:

Most activity of this position takes place inside of the vehicle. Outside activity would include pre-trip inspections, fueling and loading of special needs passengers. Noise levels can be high from outside traffic and passengers. There is exposure to dust and vehicle fumes. Climate conditions include cold, heat, humidity and inclement weather. Physical labor may be involved when loading/unloading wheelchairs or special needs passengers requiring exerting leverage, pushing, pulling and securing passengers.