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Bus Driver

VIA Metro Transit
San Antonio, TX Full-time
Posted on March 5, 2019


VIA Metro Transit

Full Time/Part Time

REPORTS TO: Bus Station Foreman Bus Supervisors Bus Dispatchers


  • Responsible for safe and efficient operation of buses in the transport of passengers, exercising sound judgment with respect to emergencies which may arise.
  • Performs skilled work of a routine nature in the operation of various types of modern sophisticated equipment.
  • Receives assignments in specific written and/or oral instructions.


  • Operates various model buses in a safe, efficient manner on line service, special events, charters, and school routes.
  • Greets passengers, collects fares, and resolves fare disputes.
  • Maintains schedule adherence. Keeps in radio contact with Dispatcher to report any problems on the route such as bad road conditions, emergencies, and participates in the "Radio Alert Program."
  • Adheres to all standards of proper dress and grooming, as well as attendance and work sign-in requirements, and inspects bus before pulling out of the garage for safety and cleanliness.
  • Fills out Accident/Incident reports in a clear, concise manner.
  • Keeps all information on bus current, such as pocket schedules, rider information, etc.
  • This job description excludes marginal functions that are incidental to performing the job.
  • Other duties may exist.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High school education or GED preferred.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Must have completed all 5 written DPS tests for the Commercial Driver’s License and have a Class “B” Commercial Driver Temporary Permit before the first day of Bus Operator Training.

BUS OPERATOR JOB DESCRIPTION Must have the ability to qualify for and maintain a Commercial Driver's License (Class B). Must be customer service oriented. Must have ability to read and understand block paddles and pocket schedules. Must be able to clearly and effectively communicate verbally, both in person and by two-way radio. Must be knowledgeable of traffic bus laws, ordinances and regulations involved in vehicle operations. Must have ability to complete various written forms and reports such as Accident/Incident reports, Bus Report Card, etc. Must be able to complete forms and reports electronically. Must have mathematical skills to perform basic calculations. Must have patience and mental stability to keep calm in tense situations such as when emergencies arise on the route. Must be at least 21 years of age. Must have a good driving record. Must be able to comply with dress and grooming codes. Must be able to comply with strict attendance policies. Must be able to read and write in English; bilingual skills are desirable. Must be able to maintain good work attendance.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Visual acuity (corrected) Pre-employment – must be 20/25 single eye, 20/20 both eyes; 70 degrees field of vision, red/yellow/green color vision. Standards apply to both day and night vision. Retention (Return to Work/Fitness for Duty/Military Leave) – must be 20/40 single eye, 20/40 both eyes; 70 degrees field of vision, red/yellow/green color vision as stated in 49 CFR 391.41. Must have sufficient hearing to be aware of traffic, warning signals, passenger stop indicator, passenger requests, etc. Must be able to sit for long periods at a time. Must be able to use both hands and both feet concurrently.

Must be able to safely reach all controls and have good visibility in all directions while seated in driver's seat. Must have sufficient strength and dexterity to operate a variety of switches and levers. Must be ambulatory in order to reach parked vehicle in yard. Must have sufficient strength and dexterity to assist passengers in wheelchairs to board and alight and to assist them in an emergency evacuation. Physical ability required to be mobile, bend, stoop, stand, climb stairs, reach to adjust mirrors and perform pretrip inspection of vehicle. Must have sufficient strength to occasionally lift objects such as boxes of pocket schedules and to open engine compartment hatch in the event of mechanical problems. Requires simultaneous use of both arms and both feet. Requires simple grasping and fine manipulation as well as hard grasping and medium dexterity.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Work involves being around moving machinery and exposure to dust, fumes, gases, noises, and extremes in temperature/humidity. Work hours may involve early mornings, late night, weekends, holidays and/or split shifts. Days off are subject to be canceled.